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Rowenta is a German manufacturer of small household appliances. Since 1988, it has been part of the global French Groupe SEB. The German subsidiary is Rowenta Werke GmbH in Erbach in the Odenwald district in Hesse.

An angry customer said this On Consumer Affairs "I have bought 2 Rowenta Steam Irons in the last 4 years. The latest being less than a year ago. Both have failed. They both leaked water, and neither will heat. The Rowenta brand is marketed as a premium German-made product, at premium price. I would say that this is far from true. Short warranty, high price and high failure rate. Shame on me for buying this defective product twice".


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"All cons. Management outside of corporate office does whatever it wants."

Store Manager Home & cook (Tefal, Moulinex, Krups, and Rowenta) says

"Management without any culture, lier as management from CEO,GM,...... They don't respect them word's I feel sorry for them I don't wish any good thing 's to them"

IT Specialist (Former Employee) says

"No leader's skills at CxO or MD Level No Strategy No long-term Visibility No Career Path No Salary Increment No Bonus No Work Recognition No Team Work No ProfessionalismI don't see any ProsSo much Cons"

Team leader (Current Employee) says

"Very Stressed atmosphere in warehouse. And no more Increments, Bonus, Tickets for Warehouse Staffs. The Situation is Terminaton can be happened any Time. Or they will Force to Resign."

Senior HR Executive (Current Employee) says

"Avergae place to work at. Employee benefits are few, culture is decent, people are also decent. less focus on career growth and self development. archaic policies"

Profile - logistic executive/coordinator (Current Employee) says

"been working in AKI for 3 years.the management has changed. so has our established KPI In 3 years i havent revived any increment, no bonus, no perks no promotion. only the workload has increased with additional responsibilities. the salaries of may staff has been reduced and they have been given a choice to stay with the cut off or leave some division like accounts are better, as they have a good division head.leaves have been granted without any issuesno air ticket/ no allowance/ paid transport"

Group Head Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution (Former Employee) says

"Zu viele politische Schlachten - zu wenig Focus auf das Kerngeschaeft."

MEP & Civil Design Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The company is good , we can grow here only if management is good, managers are really very unprofessional. But i feel bad for this company there is so much to learn and grow here , I am proud of company but managers will bring it down & geive you health problems."

Trade Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"People are demotivated, management is purely un professional. You have to be nice talker to get promoted and get your bonus, they don't care about the actual picture they need us to present them only positive things."

Talent Acquisition Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very old fashioned systems, unprogressive thoughts, no value for employees. Would not recommend unless you are desperate for a job but dont expect a career, its just a job that pays bills. no more no less"

Trade Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"The culture, mantality and mindset of the company is still very old school. It is nice to work here to have experience how works go on in distributor side of the business however they still need time and long way to be a corporate and global company's vision.They dont value the emloyees despite they dont have any system and just because if this the turnover of the employee is too high."

IT Infrastructure Support Executive (Former Employee) says

"Managers are highly paid in-spite lack of management skills as well as resource management. Just because the know and speak language with owners and chairman as well as director understands."

Business Development Manager (Current Employee) says

"Its a good company to work with good work culture. Fun place to work, good boss, give substantial freedom to think out fo box for business development"

Marketing and communications associate (Former Employee) says

"the local company badly organized, quite a secure job bad salary poor management strong position on the market diverse brands average work environment"

Waiter (Current Employee) says

"mostly where bussy,its a casualdining, we enjoy the music,you will like the culture,its a nice place also to interact with your co worker.1 meal10 hours"

Trade Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"I am fortunate to be associated with different experienced heads whom i learned a lot in two years. I report to General Manager and in two years I experienced two different phase. 1. believed in giving authorities and trusted every member of his team and made responsible of their work. 2.The system was created in terms of reporting, timing, coordinating and achieving and information system was created in such a way that every one was aware of the business and its strategy. I have experienced and learned some dos and donts as a leader and the action that creates different consequences. My respect to my mentors and to the company that provided me such opportunity.Salary standard higher than market ratelong hours at times upto 12 midnight..."

Operation Executive (SUPPLY CHAIN/LOGISTICS) says

"The over all environment was good. gained more knowledge employees at here supportive. i realy enjoyed a lot working with this company."

Sales Promoter (Former Employee) says

"Working with the company is an advantage because it's a big and well known company in which you can enhance your knowledge and experience. The salary is good however air tickets are not included in the benefits."

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"you do all varieties of work, you need to work hard, sell hard. lots of reports, lots of replenishment in the morning, reports in the evening, bonuses for higher sales.bonuseslong hours of hard work"

Storekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Al Khayyat Investment is one of the prestige company in Dubai and reputed company which provide good working environment for employees in all level with secure jobs in general."

Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"We had a wide range of customers, got good exposure in the market. Maximum of the days were very hectic, had quarterly training's about the products and services." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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